[Blindapple] Looking for catalog/menu program

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Thu Oct 24 03:24:08 EDT 2013

The ESDOS.DSK disk has a nice little program called NARF HELLO that
works pretty well, and can be easily adapted to the programs on a disk.
It allows you to arrow up and down through the menu, and entries are
simple DATA statements in the program. Just be sure to boot from either
a standard Apple DOS3.3  disk or a Pronto-DOS disk and load the HELLO
program from ESDOS to save on the disk you choose. For some reason,
Textalker and ESDOS don't work very well together, but NARF Hello is a
really good menu program. Just remember to adapt it to your needs by
making it brun textalker and adding the appropriate DATA statements as
documented in REMs starting at line 5000. Hope this helps.
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