[Blindapple] public domain disks

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Mon Oct 14 00:00:31 EDT 2013

I think I just found reference to the Textalker I was looking for. Seems
I got my copy rather late. I think it's version 3.1.4, and should have
been on the BEX 3.1 disk.
has a November-December 1990 Raised Dot Computing newsletter that
references Textalker 3.1.4 on BEX 3.1. I also see reference on past
posts to this list of a 3.1.4 Textalker master that someone needed way
back in 2004.
With the exception of Textalker 1.3 for  its superior pronunciation of
many common words, 3.1.4 was in my opinion the best Textalker version I
used. If anyone at all can find this, I would greatly appreciate it, and
if I ever do find it, I will post it here on this list, complete with
the link where I found it. Thanks.
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