[Blindapple] Textalker versions (was Re: public domain disks)

Tom Brennan g_brennantg at TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Sun Oct 13 10:35:08 EDT 2013

There's also a version of Textalker that was written for pascal 1.0 and another
version written for graforth.  There's even a version that was written for logo
that loads completely differently.  I had uploaded those things to sites years
ago but have not seen them around in awhile.

There's also a version used by Word Talk that loads differently as well as a
version used by Workstation.  I'm not sure if that latter was ever released.

It is poossible (but not usually recommended) to run Textalker from slots 1, 6,
and 7 but as I recall the slot finder program with Textalker v1.1 didn't allow
the use of those slots.

Doing a call to that slot finder program might be the easiest way to find out
where an Echo is located.  Be aware that doesn't find a Cricket or a Slotbuster
or an Echo GP (either serial or parallel).  It should find the Echo ii,
commander, b, and the other varients of the Echo card.

If I recall, the Slotbuster had a routine included to check for Echo vs
Slotbuster cards.  I think its on the SDS disk that comes with the Slotbuster.

Because RC Systems is still around my guess is that all the Slotbuster stuff is
still under copyright especially because I think they still sell it.  Over the
years I've found Randy to be pretty uncooperative about his stuff so someone
might need to just look at his code and rewrite something with it.

I've got all this stuff around somewhere but need to wait on my CFFA3000 card to
start imaging disks.

Somewhere there's also a version of Textalker for the Laser 128 series of
computers to allow access to their roms.  Don't remember if it runs on Apple
systems correctly or not.


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