[Blindapple] Textalker versions (was Re: public domain disks)

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Oct 13 01:28:02 EDT 2013

The main difference between the versions of Textalker is in the way
words are pronounced, but there are also differences in the way speech
is interrupted and in the functionality of review mode.

For example, textalker.blind AND TEXTALKER.ram version 1.3 pronounce
some words better, but the arrow keys don't work as expected in review
mode. Using the earlier versions of textalker, it is necessary to use
the semicolon and slash keys to move up and down on the screen, and to
then press enter to hear the current line. Also, version 3.1.3 speaks
typed punctuation marks, but doesn't speak them in text. It also allows
interrupting speech using most any key rather than just control-x.

On the other hand, as far as I know, the only Textalker that doesn't
load itself into the portion of RAM used by some DOS variants is
textalker.blind from the version 1.3 disk. So if you are having problems
getting some things to talk, or if you keep getting monitor crashes that
sound like a beep and a whole bunch of letters and numbers when trying
to get a program to talk, you may have better luck with textalker.blind,
as it's possible the disk you are using has a DOS variant that most
versions of Textalker overwrite in memory.
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