[Blindapple] public domain disks

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Oct 13 10:27:30 EDT 2013

Asimov is definitely the best archive of Apple II disk images I've
found. For the Beagle Bros stuff though, you will probably want to get
it from the archive at
This is the stuff like Pronto-DOS, Dos Boss, Utility City and other
interesting disks. I say this because although I found their Tip Disk 1
on Asimov, it appeared to be missing a lot of programs, including the
slot search that looks like it documents very well exactly what I was
trying to do searching for the Echo before running textalker only if
it's in a slot. I found the complete tip disk on the Beagle archive.
While it didn't hav the fly menu, I only needed to study the slot search
program, so this disk worked much better for my needs.

I do wish someone had the absolute latest version of Textalker though,
which isn't on Asimov or anywhere else I've found. This is the one that
pronounces period as "dot," apostrophe as "tick" and exclamation as
"bang." I think the version right before that is on the tic tac toe
disk. That's 3.1.3. All I can find anywhere as a full textalker disk is
3.1.2. I actually owned a copy of that disk when I was in high school,
so I know it should exist somewhere, I just can't find it, neither the
DOS 3.3 version or the ProDOS version.
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