[Blindapple] public domain disks

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Oct 13 10:15:27 EDT 2013

Yes, you could copy it to DOSTALK.DSK, but it already appears on the
TT13 disk found at
I'm fairly sure there's enough free space on that disk, you can just
copy fid onto it so you can use it on other images, unless, of course,
you are trying to use textalker.blind on the DOSTALK disk, in which case
you can just copy textalker.blind from the TT13 disk onto your DOSTALK
disk and delete textalker.ram and textalker.obj. A couple of things to
consider: first of all, textalker.blind looks to be the only file you
need. It's 39 sectors on disk, so it's smaller than textalker.obj. It
also doesn't require textalker.ram, which saves another 6 sectors.
Secondly, the TT13 disk doesn't appear to boot. It seems it's crashing
to the monitor here, and it seems to be killing DOS, so no command is
working, including


You will want to boot another talking disk wid fid on it first and copy
the file. Hope this helps.
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