[Blindapple] Making silent Disks Talk?

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Tue Oct 1 13:19:18 EDT 2013

I wonder just how many manuals and whatnot for this stuff made it
online. I was able to find some stuff on Applesoft BASIC, both things I
had forgotten over the years and things I didn't even know about. I
couldn't find any quick references or manuals for Bex though, and I have
actually forgotten much of how to read a chapter lol. Man I wish I still
had the disk for the DocuWriter program I wrote the last time I had
access to a real Apple2e and the hardware to image it onto my computer.
It actually wasn't half bad, but it is completely lost now, as there
wasn't much of an internet to put it on back then, and it wasn't long
after that that I graduated from high school and didn't have my little
room in the library with the Apple2e anymore, and the floppies I had
didn't survive much longer. Anyway, have lots of fun.
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