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I use to use davex, but don't recall anything about it any more.  I have a gs, but haven't played with it in a long long time.  I know on the 2 e, if you had extended memory you weren't supposed to use slot 3, but most of us used our speech boards in 3 with no problems at all.  
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Hi listers:


Someone on here commented they placed the Echo in slot 3 and it worked.


Just for kicks, I ran the II GS emulation with the echo in slot 3 and darned if it didn’t come up talking.


Was that slot supposed to stay empty?  After all, it was there.  Anyway, I’m probably going to start it in slot 4 after I use the CONP command in Davex to set the slot 4 to your card.


Also, on the Floppy emulation, you can even hear the 3.5 head stepping.


Just for kicks, I tried formatting a 3.5 disk with Davex’s init command and I noticed the head stepping at a faster rate as the format progtressed.  I wonder if the developers got the 3.5 working right?  They had said there were problems with disk emulation.  I’ll look further and see.



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