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Just to be safe, I'd probably put the Echo in slot 4. For some reason, 
on a real IIgs, the Echo will work even if the slot isn't set to "Your 
Card" in the Control Panel. It even works if I put it in slot 3, which 
is supposed to be reserved for the eighty column firmware.


On 2/25/2021 2:46 PM, Joseph Norton wrote:
> Hi listers:
> I’m working on a new MAME package, to possibly replace the old MESS 
> package, and I thought I’d ask a couple questions.
> First, MAME is up to 0.229.  They no longer have a pre-compiled 32-bit 
> version, but, I have built one, which I think will work.
> Of those of you who had a IIGS, was there a preferred slot that you 
> liked to put the ECHO card in?
> Reason I ask is I’m thinking of including the IIGS stuff in there, and 
> I’ll need to preconfigure the NVRAM so that the slot is available for 
> the ECHO.  The IIGS is not fully supported, but, it can run the 
> Textalker GS 1.0 that’s out there.  The clock is crazy, so you can’t 
> reliably use it, but, you can experiment with some stuff.  Floppy 
> emulation isn’t all there, so you wouldn’t want to use any of your 
> images on it without making backups.
> Also, on the 2E, I could put a Hard disk image with Davex and some 
> other stuff.  Any suggestions on what you might like to see in there?
> Keep in mind I can only work with what’s in the shared folder, and can 
> get stuff from the Asimov.net site.  Maybe I should limit it to 
> something that can be added to and you all can experiment with it.
> Also, on the 2E, I can put the ThunderClock in there, maybe on Slot 5 
> or something, since it seems to work ok.  That way, you can have time 
> stamps in ProDOS, at least.
> No promises, as my time is shared with my family and other things, 
> but, I think I can cobble up something.
> Your thoughts are welcome
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