[Blindapple] Question about new mame.

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	I would like more information on this as well.  I am more or less content to play
but they are only at 30 or 40 adventures, and a lot of the classics are not yet converted.



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Hi all.

With all this talk of the new MAME, I've got a question. Have they 
changed the method of switching disks yet, or can you modify the keys? 
Things like a scroll lock are increasingly harder to find, e.g. on 
laptops. I haven't played around with MESS in ages because I haven't 
been around the machine with a full keyboard. I mostly want to use it to 
play Eamon which you absolutely need to switch disks to play, well maybe 
it's different if you use an HD image, but I have no idea how that works 
because I didn't have an HD with my real Apple II E.

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