[Blindapple] I've got a question about mess now.

John Isige gwynn at tds.net
Thu Feb 25 18:25:09 EST 2021

So I dropped everything on the laptop. mess is in c:\mess. So I try, in 
the Windows 19 run box of course:

c:\mess\mess.exe apple2ee c:\mess\disks\egames.dsk

It doesn't run. More specifically, it probably does something, but I 
just instantly get kicked back to the desktop. Is there a log or 
something I can check? Otherwise I wonder if running it in a batch file 
from the command line and putting a pause statement at the end would let 
me see any errors coming up?? It does, but I don't know that it's very 

C:\lovecraft>c:\mess\mess.exe apple2ee c:\mess\disks\egames.dsk

"c:\mess\disks\egames.dsk" approximately matches the following
supported software items (best match first):

Press any key to continue . . .

I'm doing something dumb, anybody know what it is?

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