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It has been so long since I've run davex, I don't remember it.  I had a hard drive on my 2 e, still have it in fact, but it had a bad power supply which replaced.  Problem is, I don't know what I did with the scsii card.  I'm trying to recall what I had on my hard drive.  The stuff on the prodos disk itself, and davex, and some games as I recall.  I also had term talk, word-talk, and file-talk all from what I think was still computer aids.  
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Hi listers:


I’m working on a new MAME package, to possibly replace the old MESS package, and I thought I’d ask a couple questions.


First, MAME is up to 0.229.  They no longer have a pre-compiled 32-bit version, but, I have built one, which I think will work.


Of those of you who had a IIGS, was there a preferred slot that you liked to put the ECHO card in?


Reason I ask is I’m thinking of including the IIGS stuff in there, and I’ll need to preconfigure the NVRAM so that the slot is available for the ECHO.  The IIGS is not fully supported, but, it can run the Textalker GS 1.0 that’s out there.  The clock is crazy, so you can’t reliably use it, but, you can experiment with some stuff.  Floppy emulation isn’t all there, so you wouldn’t want to use any of your images on it without making backups.


Also, on the 2E, I could put a Hard disk image with Davex and some other stuff.  Any suggestions on what you might like to see in there?


Keep in mind I can only work with what’s in the shared folder, and can get stuff from the Asimov.net site.  Maybe I should limit it to something that can be added to and you all can experiment with it.


Also, on the 2E, I can put the ThunderClock in there, maybe on Slot 5 or something, since it seems to work ok.  That way, you can have time stamps in ProDOS, at least.


No promises, as my time is shared with my family and other things, but, I think I can cobble up something.


Your thoughts are welcome

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