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What do you mean by "new public domain disks?" If you mean programs
newly written for the Apple II, there aren't many and they usually
aren't public domain. You can join http://www.callapple.org/ which
sometimes does release original material. If you mean newly discovered
in the various archives, I haven't looked lately, but there are tons of
disks on asimov which could be gone through. The WAC set looks
promising. It contains hundreds of disks in various categories, but
there is a lot of duplication. If you don't mind some work, there are
some 800 K disk images in the BRCC collection which might have
something. Most likely anything out there was discovered and packaged by
you long, long ago, but it doesn't hurt to look just in case. I'll have
to see if there is anything new. If I find anything interesting, I'll
email you or post.

On 2018-03-19 13:24, Jeff Weiss wrote:

> Attached is a file called 
> aTalkAnthologyDisks.zip 
> This is a collection of material taken from the twenty issues of Apple Talk magazine. 
> Everything here is already in the magazine, but certain articles, columns, and types of files are collected in these disks.  The disks are all Dos 3.3 disks which will boot with speech. 
> Here is the list of disks: 
> Articles85.dsk 
> Articles86.dsk 
> Articles87.dsk 
> Articles88.dsk 
> Articles89.dsk 
> ExecTricks.dsk 
> InfoBits.dsk 
> Library.dsk 
> Pokes.dsk 
> These disks can also be found on dropbox under 
> Talking Apple Archive 
> Jeff Weiss 
> aTalk Anthology Disks 
> Anybody out there found any new public domain programs that work well with speech? 
> Jeff Weiss 
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