[Blindapple] Mame instead of Mess for the Apple emulator

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Sun Feb 26 17:34:47 EST 2017

Hmmm. My modified file should have worked better than that. It put 
everything you need into your ~/.mame directory, including the 
apple2ee.ini and the roms. The problems I had included the fact that it 
ran very slowly and the echo didn't talk at all. I do have another copy 
of a modified mess.ini that I just found, so I'll try renaming that copy 
to mame.ini and trying again, as I think this may be the modified copy I 
was able to get working some years ago. I still intend to change the 
diskii rom out for the diskii-ng rom if I can just get the rest of this 
stuff working correctly. That eliminates a command line option and is 
supposed to be more accurate.
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