[Blindapple] Anybody remember this game about deserts?

John Isige gwynn at tds.net
Sun Feb 12 03:06:58 EST 2017

Hey all. I thought of another old game and wonder if anybody remembers 
and hopefully has it. I want to say the name involved something about 
vultures or cacti, but don't quote me on that.

Basically what happened is you had to go through all these deserts. 
You'd meet people and you'd greet them, and if they didn't like your 
greeting, they'd fight you. And of course you had to get water and so on 
so there was some resource management involved. I know one of the 
deserts was in Australia. I have no idea if the game was commercial or 
not. Pretty sure it was on its own disk. Anybody know what I'm talking 

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