[Blindapple] can't seem to download the emulator any longer, and another question.

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Fri Feb 10 21:32:30 EST 2017

I have modified the Mac version so that it at least starts on Linux, but 
it's really slow, the Apple beeps a long and broken beep and then just 
clicks rhythmically, and the Echo never starts speaking, not with 
incorrect.dsk, EGAMES.dsk or twriter.dsk, all included in the disks 
directory. Hopefully someone here running Linux can spot something I may 
have missed that will make it run. Here's what I can say does *something*.

First install your mame package, usually called either mame, sdlmame or 
sdl-mame, depending on your distribution. Don't run anything yet once 
it's installed. Then immediately download my modified apple2ee ini and 
roms and such from
Untar the file into your home directory with
tar Jfx mameapple-linux.tar.xz
and you will get a .mame directory hidden in your home directory. You 
should be able to run something like
sdlmame apple2ee -sl6 diskii -flop1 $HOME/.mame/disks/EGAMES.dsk
mame apple2ee -sl6 diskii -flop1 $HOME/.mame/disks/EGAMES.dsk
to boot up the Apple with the EGAMES.dsk disk. Note that for now you 
will need this -sl6 diskii option, as I haven't yet swapped out the 
diskii rom for the new diskiing rom. I will make the attempt to do this 
as soon as I can get information on what is causing the Apple to stutter 
and click and run slowly, and why the Echo isn't speaking. Hopefully 
someone can find something I missed.
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