[Blindapple] Mame instead of Mess for the Apple emulator

Joe Quinn jdawg1983 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 08:40:34 EST 2017

so, will whatever you've gotta do to run it in mame be documented
somewhere? I still have mess as the emulator, what do I have to do to
switch it to mame? besides installing it, that is? thanks!

On 2/8/17, Mark Peveto <southernprince73 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well shoot, I said I'd wait 'til mornin to try this, but since I'm still
> awake, gave it a run.  I didn't have any luck.
> I'll come back at a more reasonable hour with output from the commands I
> tried and see if we can solve this.
> Sure appreciate the help.
> Mark Peveto
> Registered Linux user number 600552
> Everything happens after coffee!
> On Wed, 8 Feb 2017, Darcy Burnard wrote:
>> Hi.  After reading Mark's thread about using the emulator under linux with
>> Mame, I decided to see if there would be any issues running it with Mame
>> instead of mess.
>> This is something I've been meaning to do for a while now anyway.  Given
>> that we're using an old version of Mess, and also that Mess has been
>> incorporated into Mame, it's probably something we need to look into
>> sooner or later.
>> Fortunately there doesn't seem to be any problems using Mame. At least in
>> my case. I'm using Mac OS, your mileage may vary on other platforms.
>> The only things I needed from the zip file to make it work were two
>> directories and 2 files.  The directories were disks and roms, and the
>> files were apple2ee.ini and incorrect.dsk.
>> I used homebrew to install mame. Homebrew is a unix package manager for
>> Mac OS.
>> Once done, starting it was pretty much the same, except of course that the
>> command was mame instead of mess.
>> If you're going to try it under linux, here are a couple of things to be
>> aware of.
>> You might start by downloading the Mac version of the emulator, rather
>> than the Windows one.  I say this because to make the Mac version run, I
>> had to make some changes to Jason's original apple2ee.ini file.  Since Mac
>> OS and Linux are both unix based operating systems, having the Mac version
>> of the ini file might give you a closer starting point.
>> Note also that shutting down the emulator varies from platform to
>> platform. On Windows, you hit scroll lock and insert, then escape to shut
>> it down.  On Mac OS it's FN delete then escape to power it down.  I have
>> no idea what it is on linux.  Maybe someone else on here knows.
>> To test it out in linux, first make sure you've got mame installed.  Then,
>> make sure you're in the directory with the files I mentioned earlier.
>> Issue the following command.
>> mame apple2ee
>> If it works, you'll hear the Apple 2 beep, followed by the echo voice
>> telling you need to have a disk selected.
>> To try actually running a disk, use this command.
>> mame apple2ee -flop1 ./disks/EGAMES.DSK
>> Hopefully this message made some sort of sense. I for one would love to
>> know if it works under Linux.  I don't see why it wouldn't.
>> Darcy
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