[Blindapple] can't seem to download the emulator any longer, and another question.

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Tue Feb 7 19:00:13 EST 2017

The mess emulator that can run an Apple //e rom and emulate the Echo has 
been integrated into the mame system. Most Linux distributions have a 
package called mame, sdl-mame or similar that should be able to load the 
Apple //e rom and start a machine, although it will depend on having a 
properly configured ~/.mame/apple.ini or similar, I hope I got the name 
right. I had configured mess.ini some years back to run an Apple //e 
machine correctly and load disks, but I haven't really done much with it 
since the integration into mame. I do hope to get to this some day, 
hopefully sooner rather than later.
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