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Erik Burggraaf burggraaferik at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 11:05:38 EST 2017

Hi tim,  I don't recognize the apple game you mentioned, but I did review 
the cegs emulater on inclusive android.  Cegs is highly accessible, but 
does not have a port for the echo cricket.  I think it would be interesting 
to raise a little money and offer it to the developer for the port.  I 
don't really use a desktop anymore.  I have mess on my cloud server and 
play it ocasionally, but the computer isn't really up to much more than 
running my cloud and I hate to bog it down with other things.



On December 15, 2017 12:18:18 AM tim <isfeldt at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello there, I'm not sure how much this list is used, but maybe someone can
help. I had a question, what the heck was the game that had speech that
said use the spacebar to move the pointing hand, and it said something
about at the end of the game, you had to turn the computer off and then
turn it back on, but it always said at the end, now turn to page 42 in your
workbook, or something similar. I remember it, but don't remember what it
was called. Also, I wish there were an Android or Linux emulator, that
could be able to play those talking games! I know that someone has ported
the echo to with an emulator, but it only works on Windows and Mac.

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