[Blindapple] new to mess64

Carlos Taylor cetaylor1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 15:03:20 EDT 2015

Hi everyone.  I am blind and am a long-time computer user.  My first access to a computer came in the mid 1980s when my family purchased a commodore 64.  After I lost my vision, we bought an apple 2gs.  My school had apple 2c and apple 2e computers.  I just downloaded and set up the mess64 emulator.  It brings back so many memories of the days when I was a kid and played games on an apple2e and apple 2gs.  I’m curious to learn how to play one of my all time computer games, Eamons adventure.  If this is possible, what do I need to download and what do I need to do to get it set up?  I really hope this can be done.  Thanks.

Carlos Taylor

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