[Blindapple] Removing copy protection

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sat May 3 03:00:20 EDT 2014


The recent discussion about replacing track 0 reminds me of something.  I
have a set of disk images.  They are apparently a complete set of
SwordThrust, the commercial version of Eamon developed by Donald Brown in
about 1981.  They are .nib images because they use some form of copy
protection.  I have one disk which has had the protection removed.  Based on
that, the copy protected disks use a form of DOS 3.3 but aren't readable
with normal DOS.  On the unprotected disk, you can load MAIN PGM and catalog
like any normal DOS 3.3 disk.  How can I either remove the copy protection
or change the DOS to get around this?  I wouldn't normally ask, but the one
disk which has been unprotected works great with Textalker because it seems
to be very much like an enhanced Eamon with an assembly routine, similar to
what was developed for version 7 but not as advanced.  It would be nice to
actually play the rest of the games besides the first.  I'm thinking that it
might be as simple as copying a normal DOS 3.3 track over the protected DOS,
but I don't know how to go about it.  CiderPress can't read the protected
disks.  The images are on Asimov if anyone wants to look.  I tried various
copy deprotection programs but I almost always lose speech, so no go.  The
A2 emulator doesn't work with .nib images, so I can't use it.  I don't care
if they are bootable or not as I would boot from a disk with Textalker on it.

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