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Byron Stephens bstephens122874 at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 29 22:46:45 EDT 2013

I love the fact I'm able even on this emulator to change the version of 
textalker on these images to 1.3.
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>I remember the disk with hurkle and all those.
> It was elementary mathematics or something like that.
> I wouldn't mind getting that one.
> I don't remember high low being on that disk.
> I remember there being bagels, change, hurkle, metric estimate, metric 
> length, metric 21, number, round, speed drill, tax man and tens. That was 
> all the programs on that disk.
> Bryan Mckinnish
> On 9/29/2013 7:50 PM, Kyle wrote:
>> As I recall, that game was on the same disk as Herkle (if I spelled that
>> right) and metric 21. I had that disk when I was a young lad, but sadly
>> I don't know if it even exists these days. I would google it if I could
>> remember the name of the disk.
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