[Blindapple] Math Games, wasRe: Kudos

Bryan Mckinnish bryanbkm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 22:23:24 EDT 2013

I remember the disk with hurkle and all those.
It was elementary mathematics or something like that.
I wouldn't mind getting that one.
I don't remember high low being on that disk.
I remember there being bagels, change, hurkle, metric estimate, metric 
length, metric 21, number, round, speed drill, tax man and tens. That 
was all the programs on that disk.
Bryan Mckinnish

On 9/29/2013 7:50 PM, Kyle wrote:
> As I recall, that game was on the same disk as Herkle (if I spelled that
> right) and metric 21. I had that disk when I was a young lad, but sadly
> I don't know if it even exists these days. I would google it if I could
> remember the name of the disk.

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