[Blindapple] Kudos

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sat Sep 28 22:37:57 EDT 2013

Got it running here on Linux. Wow what memories!

After playing a bit of Space Invaders, Blackjack, Lunar Lander, The
Great Escape and other games, I found images of the textalker disks and
found myself in ProDOS. Shortly thereafter, I found a cool little
command shell called Davex, and with a bit of fiddling and file and disk
manipulation, I was able to get it talking. I'm still trying to find its
external init command for formatting ProDos disks, but I have most of
the stuff that comes with it, including the help files.
I started with the disk images at
and added the textalker files and the startup BASIC program that loads
textalker when basic.system runs. Then I added the command files from
the previous shareware version of Davex that I found, and noticed that
most, if not all their help pages already existed in the public domain
version. So if anyone would like a nice little talking ProDOS shell,
feel free to download my talking Davex disks from

This arrangement of Davex is configured to look for the help file on
/davexhelp, so in order to get help, you will want to put DavexTalks in
the first drive and DavexHelp in the second drive. The second disk is
only used for the help file though, so it is possible to replace
DavexHelp with the disk of your choice once you familiarize yourself
with the commands you will be using. Have fun with ProDOS and Davex on
the Apple2e!
"Kyle? ... She calls her cake, Kyle?"
Out of This World, season 2 episode 21 - "The Amazing Evie"

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