[Blindapple] question about extra disks

Byron Stephens bstephens122874 at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 18 12:28:53 EDT 2013

Thes originally did come with speech back in the day. Most other .dsk images 
will work provided you have textalker loaded in memory, and using the image 
you'd like to run in drive 2. Once you're at the command line, change to the 
mess apple2ee directory and type this. mess apple2ee -flop1 
disks\egames.dsk, and to run an image in drive two, type -flop2 disks\ then 
the title of what disk you'd like to load in drive 2.
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>I have what may be a silly question but I will ask anyways. It comes in two 
>parts. First of all, the games that came with the mess emulator all work 
>with speech. Is this a modification or did these games originally come with 
>speech? The reason I ask is, if we get more disks on our own to run in 
>Mess, will they work with voice or does it depend on the game in question? 
>I hope I made my point clear enough. Thanks in advance.
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