[Blindapple] States not being saved.

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at me.com
Tue Sep 17 22:22:24 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,
I'm sure this topic has already been beaten to death, but I've listened 
to Jason's boos, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Using Bex as an 
example: I initially boot with bexboot.dsk. When I get to the start 
menu, I  press insert scroll lock, shift+f7, 1, and then escape. Up to 
this point, everything goes as expected. My extraneous character is sent 
to the Apple, and escape exits the emulator. The problem is that for 
whatever reason, I don't think my state file is being saved. Should the 
state file be showing up in my mess\snap\apple2ee folder? The only file 
I see in there is 0000.png. When I attempt to restart the emulator with 
the -state 1 command, the Apple just boots normally, as if no state has 
been saved.
What am I missing?


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