[Blindapple] making music on the apple 2e

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Put this bit of code in an Applesoft program, save it, and run it:

10100 POKE 770,173: POKE 771,48: POKE 772,192: POKE 773,136: POKE 
774,208: POKE 775,5: POKE 776,206: POKE 777,1: POKE 778,3: POKE 779,240: 
POKE 780,9: POKE 781,202
10110 POKE 782,208: POKE 783,245: POKE 784,174: POKE 785,0: POKE 786,3: 
POKE 787,76: POKE 788,2: POKE 789,3: POKE 790,96: POKE 791,0: POKE 792,0

This program uses a ton of Poke statements to install a tiny machine 
language routine into your computer's memory. As far as Applesoft is 
concerned, this routine starts at the memory address 770. But it 
requires two parameters, which are stored into addresses 768 and 769. So 
once this program is installed, within an Applesoft program, you can 
POKE 768,X then POKE 769,Y then CALL 770. Where X and Y are both numbers 
between 0 and 255. Try to go outside this range, and you'll get an 
illegal quantity error. The first number is the pitch of the note. The 
higher the number, the lower the pitch. The lowest pitch, 255, is right 
around the G below middle C. The second number is the length of the 
tome. The higher the number, the longer the tone.

The best way to use this would probably be to put a new line at the end 
of the bit I pasted above, with a RETURN statement. Then, at the 
beginning of your program, do a GOSUB 10100.

On 9/15/2013 10:49 PM, Bryan Mckinnish wrote:
> Hi.
> Can you point me to that article that was mencianed a few days ago 
> about making single tone music on the apple 2e? I'm hoping I can learn 
> how to do this. I know it might be hard doing all the pokes and stuff, 
> but I'm willing to learn it.
> Thanks.
> Bryan Mckinnish.
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