[Blindapple] two questions one posibly a bit thick

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All Apple IIe computers have a built-in language card. However, that's 
pretty much irrelevant if you're using Textalker at least under DOS 3.3, 
since Textalker puts the majority of its code in the language card area 
of memory. For this reason, the old intbasic program on the DOS master 
disk cannot be used in conjunction with Textalker. You have to use the 
smaller integer program, called int on some disks.

On 9/15/2013 9:33 PM, Tom Brennan wrote:
> The Apple hardware originally required a language card to run int basic.  Later
> versions automatically used the upper 16k of memory.  I don't know how this
> emulation program of Jason's does it.  Since I still have Apple hardware I've
> not done much with emulation.
> Tom
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