[Blindapple] Improving the Mac readme file

Siobhan Murphy siobhan-m at comcast.net
Sun Sep 15 12:03:50 EDT 2013

Greg, What I would do is navigate to the folder name, like mine is saved in the downloads folder. VO shift M to copy. After you've done that, go to terminal. write cd lower case space, then paste the folder name. hit return. This will say something mess-apple mac Siobhan Mac book pro in my case.
Now, to start.

Write ./mess64 apple2ee -flop1 disks/oregon.dsk

Substitute the name of the disk, I.e. oregon, or EGAMES or whatever you want. Until you write the name of the disk, everything before that, is lower case. Double check you have the name right. hit return. It will beep, then wait a few seconds. to end the emulator function key which is the bottom left key, also used for dictation, and delete. then escape, and the Mac should put you back in terminal. Let me know if these steps help. If you need more, contact me off list and i can call or something provided you're comfortable. One question, you said you pasted it into the frameworks folder. Are you sure? I had thought i had. Here's how to double check, and worst thing is you replace it. Navigate to your volume, Macintosh HDor whatever it's name is. Comand O to open it, your'e put in a table. go to library and frameworks. Once there, comand O again to open into the list view table. Paste here, then close it. This should help.
On Sep 15, 2013, at 11:52 AM, Greg Farrow <dertier71 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I would very much like a new updated read me file, audio demonstration, or  or just direction step by step here in the list. Here is what I have done on the Mac side of things. I copied the SDL Framework folder and Pasted it in the Frame work folder of the Libruary Folder. Is this correct so far? Next I am stuck. Do I open the Mess64 using terminal by command line or do I navigate to the Mess64 folder and hit Shift VO M to bring down the drop down menu and go down to open with and select terminal. This is how I opened it… It tells me that nothing is loaded upon terminal opening it up. After this step, what next. I followed the read me instruction for loading agate in flop1 but the terminal say command not found. Help would be greatly appreciated in this matter.
> On Sep 15, 2013, at 8:58 AM, Darcy Burnard <dhsdarcy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone.  I just got caught up with the list, and so have really become aware that many mac users are having trouble getting the emulator to work.  I have to take some responsibility for this, as it appears that the readme file is less than adequate.  The goal of the readme file was to keep it as close to the windows version as possible.  But I'm wondering now if some more Mac specific documentation is needed.  
>> It appears that the things that are tripping most people up are using the finder and using the terminal.  Since these things aren't directly related to the emulator, I'm not sure more detailed instructions on them belong in the readme.  However, what I could do is write up an additional document explaining their use.  Or, I could do some brief audio demos like Jayson did for the Windows version.  
>> But I would really like to hear from people who can't get the emulator to work, or people who couldn't get to work, but eventually got it resolved.  I definitely want to make the docs as good as they possibly can be.
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