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Siobhan Murphy siobhan-m at comcast.net
Sun Sep 15 10:33:24 EDT 2013

Hi Darcy. I hope I've spelled your name correctly. I didn't get the Mac version to work until someone found me on skype. A lot of the problem is that sometimes it's hard to write up specific instructions when others, as i, learn with some saying ok type... Another problem I had, though it was my own error. I thought i was in the frameworks folder,I right arrowed, and pasted. Upon closer inspection with the gracious gentleman who helped me, i needed to command O to open, then paste the file. Or is it files? Would it be to presumptuous of me to ask if I may write up something, and see if it meets with your approval? I'm not trying to take away your job, but I am just offering to try and write down the steps to at least copy the files, and showing how to start the emulator. I'll also say this: copying the name of where you unzipped the folder, then writing cd and pasting, is a god send. to bad you have to do it again if you copy something else :) I hope my offer of writing up something isn't offensive, I was trying to help is all. Thank you for creating the Mac version and being so willing to improve it. sorry for the length of this.
On Sep 15, 2013, at 9:58 AM, Darcy Burnard <dhsdarcy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I just got caught up with the list, and so have really become aware that many mac users are having trouble getting the emulator to work.  I have to take some responsibility for this, as it appears that the readme file is less than adequate.  The goal of the readme file was to keep it as close to the windows version as possible.  But I'm wondering now if some more Mac specific documentation is needed.  
> It appears that the things that are tripping most people up are using the finder and using the terminal.  Since these things aren't directly related to the emulator, I'm not sure more detailed instructions on them belong in the readme.  However, what I could do is write up an additional document explaining their use.  Or, I could do some brief audio demos like Jayson did for the Windows version.  
> But I would really like to hear from people who can't get the emulator to work, or people who couldn't get to work, but eventually got it resolved.  I definitely want to make the docs as good as they possibly can be.
> Darcy
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