[Blindapple] eamon, disk switching, and other randomness

Zach Shifflett zshifflett at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 03:15:38 EDT 2013

I'll have to experiment with that.
I read the echocrick manual, but didn't bother to let it all sink in.
That probably is a better method for reviewing than waking up jaws.

On 9/15/13, John Schucker <gwynn at tds.net> wrote:
> I can't help with your laptop issue, except to say that you probably do
> have a scroll lock key. For instance, I have a Logitech wireless
> keyboard, and my scroll lock is actually fn-pause. So one of your keys,
> with the fn key added, should do scroll lock for you.
> As for finding out what the Echo is saying, you don't have to wake up
> jaws and do OCR. Run either tapple.dsk or echocric.dsk and learn how
> text Talker's review functions work. But briefly, hit ctrl-l, then a
> letter from a-x, that picks your line number. Once you've done that you
> can move around with the arrow keys. 't' toggles between letter and word
> mode for the horizontal arrows. esc exits. But it's detailed really well
> on both disks. Good luck!
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