[Blindapple] eamon, disk switching, and other randomness

Zach Shifflett zshifflett at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 01:33:35 EDT 2013

Hi all,
Thanks for helping me with my dropbox folder issues. You guys rock.
I got the eamon main hall disk and got through the beginner cave.
Now, I'm on to bigger and better adventures, but have a couple questions.
One, has anybody gotten disk switching to the adventures and back
again to work properly?
I'm using a laptop that doesn't seem to have a scroll lock key, so I'm
wondering if the disk switching function can be mapped to a different
hot key, or somehow made easier.
Also, a trick I've found that might prove helpful to other people.
I've discovered that if you wake up jaws while in the emulator and use
the convenient ocr function, it can help read text if text talker is
being weird or not pronouncing things right.
I couldn't figure out, in the beginner cave adventure, what a piraite
was, and jaws was good enough to tell me that what that word actually
is is pirate.
Just glad I didn't get killed while I was trying to figure out what
the flaming sword wielding piraite was.
Thanks everyone on the list for all the patient help, and thanks to
Jason for getting this emulator up and running.
I hadn't played these games since I was in school in the early 90s,
and figured they were lost in the junk bin of history.
I've had hours of fun messing around with the emulator, and lost lots
of productivity to these old games.
Any ideas on the disk switching quandary are greatly appreciated.

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