[Blindapple] questions about Kidnapped and Escape

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You have the right idea in Escape. You need to get the bar then type open
box. To exit Escape to play another game on the disk, such as Kidnapped, you
press control-c to cancel/close the game. You may need to pres enter after
control-c. You will hear an error code then be at the Ready prompt where you
can get a catalog of files. Kidnapped is a different game from Escape. In
kidnapped, you are stuck in a 9-floor building whereas in Dungeon there are
only 2 floors that I know of.


When I load the Bryan disk into the emulator, I receive speech from the Echo
though at a very low volume.


Any help from anyone regarding my question about Kidnapped would be





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A few questions in general but also about this game. first i'm playing
escape, and I was in my cell. I can go east, and find a bar, it let me pick
up the bar but that's it. I can't use it on the metal box and I can't get
out. Also, when I hit escape, there's no speech. Is there a way to quit
something and have speech so I can say catalog a disc? also is kidnapped the
same as the escape game? One last thing, I putBrian's disk in the disks
folder. It seems to load but there's no speech. Ok that's enough for now,
Thanks for the invite to the folder btw.


On Sep 14, 2013, at 7:08 PM, Blake Roberts <beroberts at hughes.net> wrote:

I was pleased to discover the game Kidnapped on the escape disk downloaded
from the Dropbox. I played that game two decades ago as a child. I could
never get past the Doberman on the 8th floor then or now. How can I do that?
I know it has something to do with the sleeping pill, but have no idea what
the command should be.


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