[Blindapple] Smurk

Byron Stephens bstephens122874 at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 11 21:28:22 EDT 2013

Hey there! I just did it, and I killed the smurk!
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> Hi,
> Okay, so I just ran through Smurk last night and beat it, with no 
> cheating. Someone here was having trouble finding out what magic powder 
> to buy. Here are some hints to get you on the right track.
> S
> p
> o
> i
> l
> e
> r
> s
> 1. Have you found the book? If not, stop reading right now, as you have 
> some more exploring to do.
> 2. Have you read the book? Bit of a problem, init?
> 3. Have you found the small room with a hole in the north wall? If not, 
> stop reading now. You have yet to explore all of the cave.
> 4. If you've investigated the north hole, you probably regretted it. 
> I've mapped this maze, at least far enough to find a good way in and a 
> good way out. Here goes.
> From the small room, go North (this puts you in the maze), North, 
> North, East, East. You'll be at a dead end, where you'll find a useful 
> object, so pick it up. Now go North (to leave the dead end), North, 
> North, East, West, and you're back in the small room.
> Now you should have all the information needed to complete the game!
> Jayson
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