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Okay, so I'm not the only one getting the error ... I'm glad I'm not alone smiley.
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  Hello Folks,

  I have been thinking about this idea for a new launcher for this awesome Apple emulator we have here. Have any of you tried using a program known as MESSUI? I have used this and it is a real nice and simple way to get to pretty much any emulator you have that you'd like to run. In brief, it is still the MESS program, but with know command prompt needed. You just open the program up, and, having done this, all of the various systems, games, and everything are all compiled into lists so it is very easy to navigate. I tried using the Apple 2ee emulator this way, and kept getting an error every I would try to load a game. The beautiful thing here is that, if we can get this thing to work in this way, you could select Apple 2ee from the list, tab over to the list of software that you have, and select whatever you wanted to load and that would be it: no command string needed of any kind. Problem is that, as previously said, for some reason you'll get an error when you try it this way. I know nothing of how to program things to work certain ways, but if anyone wants to take a crack at getting this thing to work with the MESS User Interface I would be glad to post a link to where you can get it. You can also search for it on pretty much any search engine and you'll find something. If you don't seem to get anywhere with this try searching for it with periods in between each letter and that should give you the result you need.

  Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there for you. The neat thing about this user interface is that if you want to download other Bios files for other favorite game systems, you can do that and make yourself a folder and put them in there. Then you just find the game ROMs where and however you can, and load them into whatever folder you wish and you'll have access to them. I currently have the Atari 2600 and original NES up and running through this user interface and it is easy once you get the hang of it.

  Hope this long post is of some help


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