[Blindapple] We need a new launcher

Bryan Mckinnish bryanbkm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 22:59:06 EDT 2013

That does sound like a good idea, but the save state thing will be kind 
of not possible with a button. It could have an edit box where you can 
type the number or key of the save state. I was thinking about upgrading 
my launcher to do that.
The first launcher was just a test, but I think I can do it.
I like these chalenges.
Bryan Mckinnish

On 9/9/2013 10:49 PM, Jayson Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> Okay, it seems we need a new launcher. I've had several people 
> complain about the long command line, or just plain not be able to 
> understand it without a lot of help. Here's what I envision this 
> launcher being like.
> It should use standard Windows dialogs, so as to be usable with any 
> screen reader or even by a sighted person. For this reason, it won't 
> need to use a SAPI voice.
> It should allow for the selection of disk images for floppy drives 1 
> and 2, as well as a save state for situations where you need to switch 
> disks and restore from a save state.
> It should allow for easy navigation of file lists by letter or digit 
> where appropriate, rather than having to arrow around.
> I envision something like one dialog with five buttons. One selects 
> the image for drive one, another for drive two, a third for the save 
> state, a Go! button, and a Quit button. For the selection dialogs for 
> images/save states, use standard Windows file open dialogs, since they 
> already do everything we need. Put it in the disks or sta\apple2ee 
> folder, as appropriate. All file selections should default to no file 
> in that slot, I.E. it shouldn't remember your selections from last 
> time. Given all your selections, the Go! button would construct a 
> command to run the emulator, and launch it. Would anyone be willing to 
> take on this task?
> What do you think?
> Jayson
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