[Blindapple] Minimum System Requirements, or, getting choppy sound on one machine?

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at me.com
Mon Sep 9 18:21:41 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,
Tried using the emulator on a Thinkpad X200 which is currently running 
Windows 8 64. The machine has a dual core  processor, 4 gigs of ram and 
an SSD. Things are working fine on a newer generation of that same 
machine, the Lenovo X220 with 8 gigs of ram and an I5 processor. 
However, when I try to run on the X200, sound is all chopped up from the 
moment I hear the Apple beep. Any ideas as to what might be going on? Is 
this a processor issue, a sound driver problem or what?  Please let me 
know if I can provide any further useful troubleshooting info.


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