[Blindapple] Thanks, Eamon, Dungeons of the Gods.

John Schucker gwynn at tds.net
Mon Sep 9 14:05:05 EDT 2013

Hi. First of all, I really want to thank the people who set this 
emulator up for us, you're awesome! One of these days I should see if my 
Apple II E is still around at my parents and working, probably not, but 
the emulator is awesome. The only thing it needs is the fun grinding 
noise of the floppy drives working away as it loads things!

Speaking of loading things, now that we can switch disks, you can play 
Eamon! In case somebody doesn't remember Eamon, it was an adventure 
system. You ran a program called the main hall, and made your character, 
then you could go on adventures. You switched disks because each 
adventure was on its own disk, and your character got written to that 
adventure, so you were really gone on that adventure, you couldn't use 
it for anything else until you were done. When you left the adventure 
you switched back to the main hall disk, and it wrote your character 
back. There are a ton of adventures, and you can get them all here.


If you grab the DOS 3.3 images, unzip them to a dir, here's how you get 
it working currently. Boot anything that talks, say, dostalk. Switch 
disks to d3_001.dsk, that's the main hall disk. Run the wonderful world 
of eamon. You can go through the beginners cave, that adventure is on 
the main hall disk. After that, when you want to go on a different 
adventure, just switch to another disk image, say d3_005.dsk.

Finally, if anybody happens to have "Escape From The Dungeons of the 
Gods" or it might just be called "dungeons of the gods", I'd really love 
to get my hands on it. It was the first RPG I ever played on the 
computer. I don't remember many of the monsters except I think there was 
a black cube or such. So if anybody happens to have it lying around and 
can make a disk image, that would be awesome.

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