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I remember playing this game on my GS. It was in an issue of BAUD. When 
I played it, it was in Applesoft, running under ProDOS. It was called 
Madlib. There were two different versions, one that always produced the 
same results given the same inputs, and the other one which randomized 
the ordering of your inputs so as to guarantee different results given 
the same inputs. Each program had several different stories, and before 
you could choose a story, you were asked for the required inputs to 
satisfy all stories, although you weren't told, of course, how those 
inputs would be used, which is the whole point!

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my copy of that 3.5 disk with those 
games. It was a 3.5 disk with Volume 7, issues 1 through 4 of BAUD, if I 
recall correctly. I'd love to find that disk!

On 9/9/2013 8:17 AM, Blake Roberts wrote:
> I remember playing Addlibs on the Apple2. It was funny. Like Byron, I 
> would enjoy playing that game again.
> Blake
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> Anyone remember the addlibs game? It had some hilarious results every 
> time it was played. If anyone has a .dsk file with that game and 
> others on it, do send it!
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