[Blindapple] thanks and a question

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
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Problem solved. Thanks for the help. I suggest adding a note about how to
properly load echocric.dsk lessons in disks.txt, the file describing what
all of the disks are.




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You're not the only one asking about that disk. I've had several inquiries
of a similar nature.

The response is that once you ask for lessons, that program takes a long
time to load. Just give it some more time.

My policy has always been to present Apple disks in as close to the
original, unmodified form as possible. However, so many people have asked
about this particular situation that I may need to try upgrading the DOS on
this disk, or at the very least put in a message explaining that loading
will take a while. What do you guys think?

On 9/8/2013 8:31 PM, Blake Roberts wrote:

Hi all,

Thanks Jayson and everyone else who made the Apple2 emulator with Echo
synthesizer possible. I grew up in the 80's using an Apple2 computer and
would play games for hours on end when my teacher for the visually impaired
would permit me to spend my time playing games. As other new members have
said recently, this emulator has brought back memories. The fact that a
software version of the Echo synth was created is amazing to me. Although I
expressed my thanks to Jayson in a private email before joining this list, I
want everyone on here to know how excited I am!


I also have a question. How do I use the Echo training disk echocric.dsk?
When I load it into the emulator, I am asked if I want training on how to
use the Echo. I answer yes and the Echo stops talking. Is this disk not




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