[Blindapple] Muffin and Demiffin

Tom Brennan g_brennantg at TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Fri Sep 6 22:05:15 EDT 2013

I've got both Muffin and Demuffin as well as the modified Fids for them and for
the 40 track system.  I'm wondering if stuff done with these will disk image to
be readable for Apple emulation or if I'd need to convert the the DOS3.2 and
extended Laser disks.  I actually usually use an Apple, Laser, or Franklin when
I'm running the Apple stuff rather than use emulation.


Tom Brennan  KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP
web page http://titan.sfasu.edu/~g_brennantg/sonicpage.html

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