[Blindapple] space invaders?

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Tell ya what, I'll report on how well I did using your tip next time I play. 
*grin*  I haven't messed with this stuff since the late 80's.  Definitely 
fun.  My wife, though, thinks she no longer has a husband.  I've been 
kidnapped by an apple 2 ee.  LOL
Thanks again for the information.  :)
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> Space Invaders is all about the pitch of the sounds. Bombs always sound
> the same, but you can tell where the bomb is being dropped by the
> location of the alien, which is determined by its pitch. Avoidance of
> bombs can be achieved by being sure the pitch of your gun is either
> higher or lower than the pitch of the alien when the bomb began to fall.
> Shooting the bomb requires that the center of your gun be positioned in
> the place where the bomb is falling. Be extremely careful when trying to
> shoot a bomb though. It doesn't have far to go to hit your gun, and you
> can be off by one space and still get hit. Hope this helps.
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