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Hello and welcome to the list. I can answer your second and third questions.


I created a batch file to make launching the emulator easier. To change
discs all I need do is change the extension to .txt, open the file, change
the disk name and put the .bat extension back. I usually run it from the
command prompt but I could just as easily create a desktop shortcut via send
to, create desktop shortcut. There are probably other ways to launch the
emulator more easily under Windows, but this is what works for me. I would
be happy to share the batch file if it would be helpful.


To make Jaws go to sleep while running the Apple2 emulator, do the

1. Load a disk into the emulator.

2. Press insert-f2 to display a list of some Jaws programs such as
dictionary manager, keyboard manager etc.

3. If using Jaws 14 and above, select Settings Center. If using an earlier
version of Jaws, select configuration Manager.

4. You will be asked for a configuration file name. Mess.jcf is sufficient.

5. If using Settings Center, type sleep into the search field. Tab to the
results list and check the relevant checkbox. Press Ok.

6. If using Configuration Manager, you will need to find sleep in the
settings menu. I think Sleep is under advanced settings. Once found, check
the relevant box and select OK. You may need to hit control-s to save
changes under Configuration Manager.






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Good morning,

I was just made aware of your apple emulator and have had a blast thus far
playing with it.  It was, actually, one of the first computers I ever used
as a summer student at the Texas School for the Blind as it was then called
in 1986.

I have a ton of questions, ok, really only two or three, and I hope they're
within the scope of this list.  

Question 1:  I noticed bex is included in this package.  Would, if I were so
brave, it recognize my juliette embossor?

Question 2:  Is there a way for me to create a shortcut on my desktop to
load mess so I don't have to drop to a command prompt every time I want to
work with the emulator?

and question 3:  How to I tell jaws to go to sleep when it sees the mess
window?  I've been a jaws user for years, since way back in the dos days,
but I'm just gonna be honest...I've forgotten how to do it!

Ok, nuff questions for now...time to play!

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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