[Blindapple] What the heck?

Jayson Smith ratguy at insightbb.com
Tue Sep 7 16:36:37 EDT 2010

Uh, I'd guess some component burned out, and the system is now unusable. Do 
you know if it came from the disk drive, the computer, or...
Obviously no Apple dealer is going to repair it. My best advice would be for 
you to post to comp.sys.apple2. Explain what happened. If possible, identify 
what piece of equipment had the component failure. Open up the computer, see 
if the smoke smell increases. Open the disk drive door, sniff around inside 
and around the disk drive. Do the same with the other disk drives. If the 
burnt smell is coming from a card inside the computer, that card had a part 
fail. If it was the Echo card, that could well explain why it wasn't 
talking. If it was the boot disk drive or disk controller chip on the GS 
motherboard, that could explain why the boot disk wasn't readable.
If a component on the motherboard has blown, and you can get your hands on 
another motherboard or a junker system with a working motherboard, it is 
possible for even a blind person, as long as they know what they're doing 
and are careful, to perform a motherboard transplant.
Hope that helps!

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> Hi,
> I just tried the Apple again, and when I put a disk in it made a hissing 
> sound, and then my whole room smelled like smoke. Does anyone know what 
> this could mean? Did the computer blow out or something.
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