[Blindapple] Anyone still here? And a few software requests

Jayson Smith ratguy at insightbb.com
Wed Jan 20 06:26:57 EST 2010

I know this is a silly question for the moderator of a list to ask, but is
anyone actually still here who's interested in Apple II stuff? I'm looking
for a few software titles, and wondering if anyone has them. First is the
talking disk that says "Talking Disk" and has Talking Writer, Typing Game,
Dragon Maze, Space Invaders, Music Game, and Voice Control. I used to have a
copy, but not any more. Also, does anyone have Type Talk by Lorin Software?
I have a copy, but it has a bad sector. This program is copy protected, but
there's a way to get around that for copying and/or imaging purposes. Are
there any collections you know of, where I can find disk images of talking
software, other than what I've published?

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