[Blindapple] Apple II ebooks

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Mon Sep 26 02:19:15 EDT 2005

Hello all.  This list has been rather quiet lately so I thought I would ask 
you something.  Does anyone know of any freely available books or other 
reference works for the Apple II?  I am particularly interested in user 
manuals but I'll take anything.  I think that RFB&D in the US had something 
but it isn't free and I doubt if it's still available.  I know that 
Web-Braille has the following books but one is rather old and one is for 
young readers.  I don't mind the book being old but it's more of a profile 
of Apple Computer as opposed to a reference work specifically for the Apple 
II.  The book numbers are:

BR 06256
BR 10590

Also note that the first book has a lot of swearing and such so might not 
be what one wants.  I don't know if bookshare has anything or not.  I don't 
care about the Mac.  I know bookshare has quite a few Mac books but they 
don't interest me.  I think one of the Apple II sites has an official 
reference manual available but it's only in jpg images and apparently has 
lots of illustrations and diagrams.  I don't mind trying to use OCR 
software on images but something like pdf would probably work better.  Does 
anyone else have any ideas?  If you're worried about copyright, the law 
allows the blind in the US to make copies and scans of books as long as 
they are in a specialized format like .brf or DAISY.  If you really want to 
be careful, just submit the book scan to bookshare.org.  Note that this law 
does not apply to international users, only the US.  I understand that the 
UK and Australia have similar laws but I don't know.
Now over 17,000 free ebooks available from Project Gutenberg, the oldest 
producer of public domain literature online.


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