[Blindapple] Domain name for the Blindapple site and list?

Ed Eastman eeastman at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 10:35:06 EDT 2005

Jayson Smith wrote: What type of speech synthesizer card do you have? 
Also, what type of Apple do you have?

I'm not exactly sure which card I have, it's either a Double talk or a 
slot buster.  I purchased it from R C Systems quite a while back, and I 
have it in a bag on a shelf.  Ok, I'm pretty sure it is the double talk 
card.  At that time I was also still able to get the Apple works 
modification software.

This was a couple years ago and I've never done anything with it other 
than make it say a few choice words.  (I didn't have Apple Works 3 at 
the time.)  Does anyone know if the software will work or can be made to 
work with Appleworks 5?  I was afraid of damaging my Version 5 disks.

Lemme look up the web site.

Hmm, according to A2 Central in July of 2003 RC systems was still 
selling the Double talk and slot-buster cards.  Today their web site 
reveals no reference to their old products.


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