[Blindapple] Domain name for the Blindapple site and list?

Ed Eastman eeastman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 08:23:16 EDT 2005

Jayson Smith wrote:
 > Does anybody have any suggestions for better domain names?

What about servicedog.net...  Or some other visually impaired utility 
maybe tweaked to represent computer technology.  We are talking about 
using the Apple II as a service dog of sorts.  (I mean if dogs could 
read, we wouldn't necessarily need the apple computers and text mode.


Further examples escape me as I have other matters on my mind that I 
should be attending to...  Maybe later I can come up with a better one 
or two.

One more thought, instead of "blindapples" mailing list, consider an 
alternate name such as the above examples unless you believe it would 
make it harder to locate the resources.  Make sure to place a enough 
keywords in the meta tags to ensure the search engines pick up the gist 
of the site, regardless of the name you choose.


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