[Blindapple] Talking DOSBox and Eamon Deluxe

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Sun Nov 12 08:00:40 EST 2017

Hi all, 

For some reason, my post didn't make it to the list, so here we go
again. I've put together a package containing only Eamon Deluxe 5.0 and
Talking DOSBox. It turns out that the base or main Talking DOSBox
package already contains it and some other games, but this package is
smaller and might be a little easier. If you want other games, get the
regular package. If you only want Eamon Deluxe, get that package. Both
obviously include screen readers. Yes, JAWS for DOS does work and is
included. Make sure to read the README files or you'll have problems.
The links are below: 


The above is the main directory for all files and includes the package
README. Read it first for setup instructions. I didn't package it.
Whomever put the package together didn't include the README in the zip


This is the main, or base package including various games and such. 


This requires 7-zip to extract and is Eamon Deluxe only. There is an
included README text file. The setup for the full package still applies.
I haven't tested this package but it should work. 

Note that all of the above software is unsupported and you use it at
your own risk. If you have problems, write me off list. I make no
guarantees, but I'll try to fix obvious problems. Have fun!
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