[Blindapple] Textalker (was Re: public domain disks)

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Oct 13 14:00:54 EDT 2013

Did replacing only textalker.ram work for you? I thought that both
textalker.ram and textalker.ram.obj were needed in 1.3, and replacing
textalker.ram alone shouldn't work. However, I believe the only
Textalker file that is actually needed for 1.3 is textalker.blind, which
doesn't load into the extended RAM where many DOS 3.3 variants such as
David-DOS and Diversi-DOS store disk access routines and such, generally
works better on disks that use such variants, takes only 39 sectors on a
disk and appears to be capable of replacing both textalker.ram and
either textalker.obj or textalker.ram.obj with the single
textalker.blind file. At this point, if using Textalker 1.3, I see
little disadvantage to using textalker.blind to make a disk talk rather
than using textalker.ram and textalker.ram.obj. Actually, if anyone can
point out a disadvantage of doing this on most standard DOS 3.3 disks,
short of the fact that it's an older version, feel free to share with
the list. Hope this helps.
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